Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Miracle Mile Patrol has phone number and website now

Hi all. Erin is designing our business cards now so we'll have
something to hand out to people we meet while on patrol. We now have
a skype phone number (internet phone) as well as a website. Dave is
programming it so that we will be able to log in (witha password) and
check the schedule, schedule ourselves, or change a date if necessary.
The phone number will forward to whoever is on patrol that night (if
all goes well) and that way when you're out on patrol, if someone
calls you and asks for an escort home, your own cell phone will ring
and you can get them. It also might work as a way to remind you on
the days that you are scheduled to patrol.

Here's our phone # 323-319-6728
and our website:
our email:

We still need a lot more people signed up. 36 people signed up for
the patrol but only about 13 people have committed to doing any
regular shifts. We only need 2 hours a month from you and we're
starting sometime in May with Friday and Saturday shifts of
10pm-midnight and midnight -2am.


Sunday, April 1, 2007

Our First Patrol Was Tonight! Can You Commit to 2 Hours a Month? Please Email me!

Hi all.

Tonight was the first official patrol of the Miracle Mile Safety Patrol.

Eight people volunteered tonight and we split into two and then three different groups to cover more of the neighborhood.

Many thanks to Sergeant Kirby of the LAPD who patrolled our neighborhood and spoke to us both before and after the patrol.

We also stopped at a neighborhood restaurant/bar for a little social time after 11pm.

We're still working out the details of the patrol - but all 8 people have officially committed to at least 2 hours a month. But we need you! We'd like to have at least 4 people go out on patrol.

We also have the option of bike patrols. It might be fun for a group of us to bike around the neighborhood and cover more ground.

Our jackets and hats will arrive soon - if you told me your size you will have one soon.

So far everyone has committed to the following nights and times. We need more people for each night. If you can commit to just one two hour shift a month - can you make it the same night each month? This will make scheduling much easier. For example - if you can do this, please write me and say "I will commit to the first Saturday of each month" or something like that...

Here are the shifts people have already signed up for - we need more people on these nights.

Friday midnight - 2am
Friday 10pm - midnight
Saturday midnight - 2am

Please let me know if you can commit to one of these shifts and if there's a particular time of month each month that you can commit to - we'll schedule you for that.

Thanks very much!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Traffic Commission Report and How to Find Out if Building is Being Demolished

Hi all.

Carolyn Ramsay and Councilman LaBonge donated $500 toward our Safety Patrol this morning. I spoke to Carolyn about the serious parking issues on Ridgeley as well as the fence around parking at 314 Cloverdale. She said it was possible that 314 Cloverdale was being demolished - she said if you want to see if your building (or any other building) is being torn down or renovated etc. do this:

go to (that's building and safety)
halfway down page on left click on
Property activity report and put in the address of your building or any other building you're interested in.

If you didn't yet tell me the jacket size, please let me know this morning as the order is going in today.

Also, thanks to Bob and Babette for attending the Traffic Commission
Meeting - attached in WORD is a report on that meeting.

No movement on sharing Parking District 41 or 36 - both groups of homeowners are adamant against sharing parking with us (Carolyn told me that this morning!) I'd like to ask some of you who have been victims of crime to walk door-to-door with me in the near future and just talk to them directly. Let me know if you can do that.

See you Saturday at 9pm.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Can You Donate something to help Pay for Jackets/Caps?

Hi all. One of our very generous members has donated enough money to pay for half of all the jackets and caps. However, we are still short by approximately $450. We're trying to order enough jackets and caps for all 36 people that signed up for the patrol - but if we can only
afford 15 or 20, we'll start with that.

Miracle Mile Action Committee is a non-profit so anything you donate toward the Safety Patrol is tax deductible.

Please let me know...


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Mir. Mile Parking Problem: We Need Volunteers ASAP*please respond if you can help*

Hi all. We need volunteers to count cars in different parts of our neighborhood to see how many people are parking in the permitted areas (36 and 41). We need about 10 volunteers. If you can help, please just reply with a "yes, I can help count" email and i'll add you to the parking committee and forward your info. to Shannon, Adam and Jeff who are heading it up. peace,

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