Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Miracle Mile Patrol has phone number and website now

Hi all. Erin is designing our business cards now so we'll have
something to hand out to people we meet while on patrol. We now have
a skype phone number (internet phone) as well as a website. Dave is
programming it so that we will be able to log in (witha password) and
check the schedule, schedule ourselves, or change a date if necessary.
The phone number will forward to whoever is on patrol that night (if
all goes well) and that way when you're out on patrol, if someone
calls you and asks for an escort home, your own cell phone will ring
and you can get them. It also might work as a way to remind you on
the days that you are scheduled to patrol.

Here's our phone # 323-319-6728
and our website:
our email:

We still need a lot more people signed up. 36 people signed up for
the patrol but only about 13 people have committed to doing any
regular shifts. We only need 2 hours a month from you and we're
starting sometime in May with Friday and Saturday shifts of
10pm-midnight and midnight -2am.