Saturday, January 20, 2007

Flyering a Huge Success 1/20/07

Thank you to Susie, Liz, Dave, Brendan, Robert, Dan, Ally and Louise
(and tomorrow Scott!) for your help flyering the neighborhood. Six of
us covered all the cars and apartments between 3rd and 6th street on
Detroit, Cloverdale and Cochran. Dan and Louise and Ally are covering
the areas from 6th to Wilshire - and if you see any cars parked at
meters late in the evening or on 2nd street, please give them flyers
as they are very familiar with the parking issues.

We were surprised at how delighted people were to see us. Those of us
who have done political work for years know how rare it is to have
someone HAPPY to see you putting a flyer on their car or home. The
people I made contact with kept saying "I'm so glad you're doing this
- can I have some flyers to give to my neighbors". It was inspiring
and reminded me of the good ol' days when we first formed the Miracle
Mile Action Committee.

Five of us went to a late dinner afterwards. Thanks everyone for your
help. I think Feb. 3 will be fun and productive. I hope we see some
good changes in our 'hood.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Flyers are Ready! Pick up Fri? Police Meeting Tomorrow*

Hi all. I know it's short notice, but I had a long talk with our senior lead officer Charles Thomas (very very nice man) who may come to our meeting - if not he'll send someone. Anyway, he asked if we could regularly start sending someone from our tenant's group to the
CPAB Community Police Advisory Board meetings. Tomorrow is the next one! I know I know, but he said it wouldn't hurt to ask. It's tomorrow (Thurs.) 7pm and also every third Thursday of the month - same time and place. at the Wilshire Station Roll Call Room. 4861 W. Venice just east of La Brea. I used to be a member and it's a wonderful way of having the concerns of our neighbors heard directly by the police and commanding officer. Also, it's a great way to learn what's going on. He urged everyone to get on the e-policing list - go to website at and sign up!

ALSO FLYERS ARE READY! Thanks to the El Rey and Paul Billings! Can you pick them up and join us Friday evening for a bit of fun flyering? If so, meet me at my place 325 S. Cloverdale #105 (security code under ROBB) at 8pm Friday night. I tried to call everyone but I had to leave before I was done and I'll be in school all day Thurs and Fri until I get home in time to meet you all. So if you can come please do. If not, I will also be home Sat. morning if you want to pick them
up then.

We can use all the help that has been offered. Thank you all so much. I think this will be a very fun and productive meeting.


the ointment

Hi all, if you missed me new year's eve, I did a 3 min. show for "the ointment" just go to I'm today's guest (it's a sort of internet Daily Show) and it's on all day - after today it will be there in the archives.